The Great Commission of Ministry Networking

A commission to connect with other youth leaders:

As you go into all the world of youth ministry conferences, camps, and events, 1) make contacts of every other youth leader, 2) exchange with them contact information, 3) serve them and 4) leave them a sense that they have been known.

Additional Thoughts

(3) Personally, I hate the term “networking” because it makes relationships seem fake, as if we are carrying around an ulterior motive to why we become friends. But the key to networking is serving those you meet. As I meet other youth pastors and leaders, I try to offer up my skills as a web/graphic designer.

(4) Ask them questions and get them talking. What is their story? How did they become youth leaders? Was it a calling met with excitement or reluctancy? What is their passion? Do they walk away feeling like you were actually interested in them instead of just dropping your business card?

What would you add/subtract from this commission? How can we make networking relationships more real?

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