Youth ministries team up to do mission trips (and other links)

Here are some interesting news articles and blog posts from around the net from the past week or so. If you find any other interesting articles that I missed, feel free to add them in the comments!

  • A couple of youth ministries team up to do mission trips – A couple of churches from Kansas City partner to do several mission trips to St. Louis. Teaming up to do mission trips can create great opportunities to save on the expense on the trip, but also to work along people of other backgrounds. Imagine having a downtown urban church team up with a suburban church to do ministry in Mexico. Does anyone else have experience doing mission trips together?
  • A youth ministry does fundraising for a local school sports program – This has got to be one of the coolest ways to serve the local community I’ve seen in a long time. It would be so cool if several churches partnered together to raise funds for any local high school function, like prom (Imagine seeing this: “Due to the generosity of the local churches in our area, prom is only $10″) or another typically expensive school function. What else could youth ministries team up to raise money for in the local community?
  • What do youth leaders need most? – It’s much more simple than you might think, though very hard to come by when you try to do ministry on your own.
  • Youth Ministry Seminar for only $5 – Bring your volunteers and student leaders to this event. They’re touring 12 cities in Canada and the United States (Calgary, Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia and Portland). Serve another church’s leadership team and offer to pay for their registration costs (it’s cheap enough, ain’t it?).
  • Simply Youth Ministry’s 4-year small group curriculum giveawayJosh Griffin is giving away one new LIVE Curriculum to one person just for commenting on this blog post. Contest ends Monday, so hurry up! [Update: Contest is over!] The curriculum looks promising, though I have not had a chance to review it. Has anyone taken a look at this new curriculum yet?
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