A Mission Trip to Facebook and YouTube?

What if I told you that you could host your next mission trip for free, without having to plan any travel logistics, and have an impact on your local community?

Well, Tim Schmoyer over at StudentMinistry.org has just launched the Online Missions Trip 2010 website. It has a ton of free resources on how to get started preparing your students for two weeks on a social networking evangelistic mission.

What is the Online Missions Trip?

  • Equipping students to use social networking (which they already use) to share their faith.
  • Two weeks of focused and intentional posts on their social network pages that talk about their stories and faith.
  • A real life outreach event at the end of the two weeks. The projected date for this also happens to be Valentine’s Day! No greater love than this.
  • Follow up with new converts.

This is a great opportunity to work together with the other churches in your community. Imagine all your kids in town using their Facebooks and MySpaces to be witnesses. Then you can combine resources and do a large event together to end the two weeks.

I think it would be best to equip the students to do the follow-ups as well (with some help from the leaders), and give the new converts opportunities to get connected to one of the local ministries in town.

Getting other ministries involved, like the Christian Clubs and parachurch organizations like Youth For Christ and Young Life can make this experience a whole lot more fruitful. You can also get parents and other adults on board to pray for the whole “trip.”

Online Missions Trip Video

Additional Resources

What Now?

So go ahead, sign your group up!

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