Free eBook! Tear Down The Walls of the Youth Room


Looking for a resource filled with creative ideas to build relationships with students? This is a free resource from Ministry Allies full of relational ministry ideas, including hanging out with students, working on projects together, going to cheer on other students together, and a ton of other great ideas.

The eBook also features additional comments made by some other youth ministry bloggers, including Tim Schmoyer, Adam McLane, Adam Lehman, Jeremy Zach, Chris Bowditch, and Mike Kupferer. Special thanks to these guys for making this happen!

You can:

  • Use this list as a guide for ideas to hang out with students.
  • Give to your volunteers to help them think of new ways to hang out with kids.

You can download the eBook or view it online.

Nick’s book is definitely not limited to only 43 ideas for connecting with teens. Although that may be the title, this valuable ebook contains many other tangible ways to practically build spiritually influential relationships with teenagers outside of church. Having tried almost all of his ideas in my own ministry over the past 10 years, this ebook brought back many fond memories and reminded me why I’m still in youth ministry today. Whether you’re a brand new youth worker or an old-school veteran, this ebook will help put you on the right track as you invest your life into students.

Tim Schmoyer
Pastor of Student Ministries at Alexandria Covenant Church in Alexandria, MN
Author of Life In Student Ministry at

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13 Responses to “Free eBook! Tear Down The Walls of the Youth Room”

  1. looks good, has great insight. thanks for letting me be a part of it

  2. Definitely! I appreciate your input! :)

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  4. This is amazing! Such a great idea. Definitely going to share it with others. Thanks for putting it together.

  5. Awesome! Thanks for the mention! :)

  6. No problem, I love doing this kind of stuff. And thanks for the mention. :D I'm glad to know people are finding it useful.

  7. THANK YOU!!

  8. Awesome. Thanks for the resource!