It’s Official: New Christian Club Beginning Soon!

A few weeks ago I mentioned I was trying to start a Christian Club at one of the local middle schools. Well, we jumped through all the necessary hoops and this week the lunch clubs officially began! The faculty sponsor and I will be busy the next couple of Fridays, but we’re having our first club meeting on Friday, November 6.

Please pray for this new venture that through it we will be able to share the Gospel to kids (and staff members!) who are in desperate need of hope.

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2 Responses to “It’s Official: New Christian Club Beginning Soon!”

  1. This is great and I wish you success. We have a Bible Club right now in a Elementary school and it grew from last year to this year, in part because the school board has actually helped us out this year by allowing notices to go home in back packs instead of just through the hands of the ones enrolled in the program. Our enrollment grew from about 15-20 children to now 50 children. I pray that you have great succes in the middle school, we are actually going to be starting one in our middle school too, we have already spoken to the administration and are working on a team. Ours is a afterschool program, which will the support of the county they provide bus transportation for our students to get home.

  2. You get the school to provide a bus? Wow, that's awesome. I doubt the Los Angeles school district would do the same, unless they provided a bus for all clubs.